Today on 9 June 2018 is the day of president election in Kazakhstan. The election is snap as it was for almost all elections in Kazakhstan since its independence in 1991. As far as I know the only regular election was in 2005. The candidates are: 

Zhumatai Aliyev

Zhambul Akhmetbekov

Daniya Yespayeva

Amirzhan Kosanov 

Toleutai Rakhimbekov

Amangeldy Taspikhov

Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev

Sadybek Tugel

The seeming diversity of candidates is overshadowed by the fact that almost all candidates are unknown by the majority of people in Kazakhstan. They are just “no names” for the folk. The only publicly known person is Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev the current temporary president of Kazakhstan.

Thus current government is trying to play the card that people in Kazakhstan do not know candidates other than Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev and they will be afraid to vote for unknown candidates. Thus as it is expected by current government, folks will vote for Tokayev as for only candidate they know. 

The other thing is that option “vote against all candidates” is not provided. Thus people will have to vote for anyone anyway.

Many people refuse to go to this election because they do not believe that the election will be fair.

Personally I think that it does not matter who will be elected, because Dariga Nazarbayeva (the daughter of the first president Nazarbayev) is currently a chairman of the senate of parliament. This means that if a president (whoever he actually is) leaves his position, Dariga will be a president by default. This means that the Nazarbayev,s clan is going to reign in Kazakhstan as monarchs = forever. 

Currently the observers from the small parties like Ult Tgdyry (orig. “Ұлт тағдыры”, translated “the Fate of the Nation”) notice the violation on the election points: the observers from the opposition are replaced by unknown people and true observers are not admitted to the elections.